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December 18, 2012 · 12:29 am

How About A ‘Clark Kent” Husband

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Is He Your “Clark Kent’ Husband?

If you are a successful and independent woman stuck in lonely and are experiencing your accomplished awesomeness hurting you love life I have liberating news. It is not ‘them’ and it is not ‘you’ it is the ‘who’ that you have been dating that is the problem. See we women have been brainwashed with the ‘romance novel inspired’ expectations of our ideal man and guilty of what Stephanie Coontz’s  op-ed piece in the New York Times identifies  as confusing “intimidation with infatuation” when we fall in love.

Evan Marc Katz the Dating Coach for Strong Successful Women states “I am not arguing that women ought to “settle.” …But that requires ditching the Lois Lane syndrome, where we ignore the attractions and attention of Clark Kent because we’re so eager for the occasional fly-by from Superman.” And if you are like most of your strong and independent sisters your perfect partner is the taller, smarter, richer and more powerful variety. However, according to Coontz “the most important predictor of marital happiness for a woman is not how much she looks up to her husband but how sensitive he is to her emotional cues and how willing he is to share housework and child-care. And those traits are easier to find in a low-key guy than a powerhouse.”

So if you’re an intelligent and successful woman how about ditching the ‘Lois Lane syndrome’ and shifting the ‘who’ you

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Find Your Husband Now!!!

date from the ‘Superman’ types and give the Clark Kent’s a chance. While it is the ‘alpha male’ kind that gets our hormones racing causing our bodies to blindside us with biologically inspired lust and confusing that with true connection and love take charge of your romantic destiny and give the Clark Kent’s a chance.

So in following Evan Marc Katz’s advice I changed my ideal partner criteria and discovered a whole new world of awesome, available and attentive men who I had been letting slip through my fingers and began having the kinds of relationship experiences I had always dreamed of. And yes, I found my Clark Kent.

The 3 Key Things to Do When Dating a Clark Kent:

Be Open Minded. Get over being stuck on if he is your ‘type’ because obviously your ‘type has not been delivering and give him a chance.

Is he a gentleman, kind, attentive and interesting? If he does NOT make your heart race at first that is a good sign. You may be surprised to find what tiger may be lurking underneath.

So what if he doesn’t make more money than you. Does he provide for your emotional needs and takes care of his responsibilities, makes your body sing, makes you feel safe and puts a smile on your face? Then he is perfect husband material.

If you would like to find more game changing advice on turbocharge ‘Finding Your Clark Kent Husband Now ‘ subscribe to Evan Mark Katz newsletter today!!!

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